Free Sat Tasting & News from Burgundy

News from Burgundy – Based on personal observations this summer and recent news, this has been a difficult harvest season for Burgundy and much of Europe. This situation comes on the heels of harvests since 2010 with lower yields. So, I made the commitment while in Burgundy to secure more 2009 and 2010 to supplement what will be available in 2011 and 2012, not only for volume, but for cellar worthy wines.

Join us for our complimentary tasting this Saturday from 3-6 PM. We’re pouring these wines and we welcome you to our tasting table.

Tasting Notes:

Casteggio Pinot Grigio 2011: We’re always looking for well made, inexpensive wines for weekday consumption. They do not have to be overly complex, just crisp, enjoyable and very affordable.  This Pinot Grigio is a perfect for the purpose, and it’s actually surprisingly good for the category, in fact, so much so, we were very surprised of just how good it is for the price.

Joseph Mellot Sancerre “La Chatellenie” 2010: Here is a terrific Sancerre that offers classic Sauvignon Blanc character from the region, while still being affordable. It is not an overpowering example, rather a wine that can easily be enjoyed by itself or with a wide variety of food one is likely to have in cooler weather.  I seen this on many wine lists which is an indication of just how well it matches with our local cuisine.  This is surprisingly less costly than many of the better Sauvignon Blanc wines from Napa.

Domaine de Fontenille Cotes du Luberon 2010: This is one our favorite well-priced red wines in our inventory.  Cotes du Luberon is located in the southeastern Rhone wine region, and while similar to Cotes du Rhone wines, it has a bit lighter character. This resembles the reds from Provence as it has a bit of rosemary or lavender scent that sets it apart.  This wine is produced primarily from older vine Grenache, many 50+ years of age, and about 30% Syrah.  We love Fontenille’s wines as they provide a lot of wine for the money.

Domaine de Nerleux Saumur Champigny 2006: Here is a super red wine from the Loire Valley.  Produced from Cabernet Franc, it is has a ripe nose, rich and intense taste, yet its not heavy.  We made a special purchase of the 2006 vintage and therefore our price is ridiculously low for the quality.  This is a perfect wine for grilled meat or game, or your traditional Thanksgiving menu.

I hope to see you,