Château de Brézé Saumur Rouge Clos Mazurique 2016

Looking for a wine to brighten a chilly January evening?

Château de Brézé Saumur Rouge Clos Mazurique 2016 is only $19.99 at Hopper’s Carte des Vins!

The cabernet franc wines of the Loire have been perennially great values, and this remains true even though wine writers have for years been desperately trying to give away the secret. Arnaud Lambert of Château de Brézé is among the leading vignerons raising the level of quality in the Saumur region. The lovely Clos Mazurique is rich, spicy, earthy and floral, characterized more by its acidity than its tannins.

This wine was recently featured in The New York Times: 20 Wines Under $20: Touring the World, Familiar to Obscure which offers the advice:

The best values can be found hovering around $20. This price buys wines that are not merely sound, but exciting.

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