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Join us today from 2-5 for our holiday celebration. Our complimentary tasting includes some of our favorite red wines.

Dec 21 2013

- We’re celebrating with an extraordinary red wine tasting - 

You’ll want to start with the Duckhorn Merlot, which is one of our favorite Merlots from California. Next, we have a a Chateauneuf du Pape from Guigal that’s also one of our favorite Chateauneufs. This wine is drinking extremely well right now too! Then, try Chateau Saint Valentin which is a Merlot based St. Emilion wine from 2010, one of the best vintages in a long time. Lastly, we have a Pommard Pezerolles from Joseph Voillot. This is a 1er Cru red Burgundy that has a bit if grip to it, which is quite nice. These wines sell for $45, $50, $50, and $95.

Hand over your gift list: While enjoying these wonderful wines, we’ll take care of the details and package them attractively for you.

Best wishes for the season.

Ric and Matt

Guigal Tasting!

by admin

This week, for thanksgiving, we are doing a special tasting of all our Guigal wines. You will get to taste, for free, three wines that are very prestigious. Please come by Saturday, from 2-5, to enjoy these special wines.


Ric and Matt

Guigal Tasting

Tasting Notes:


2010 Cotes Du Rhone – Guigal $15 2010 was a phenomenal vintage for the Rhone Valley. The Cotes du Rhone from Guigal was benefitted by the vintage which allowed this cuvee to get some more concentration. The Guigal style has always been a little more intense than other styles in the Rhone Valley, and if you have tasted some other Cotes Du Rhones from ours, you will notice the difference.

2007 Chateauneuf du Pape- Guigal $50 2007 was a quality year that developed riper fruit. With this Chateauneuf, you get the a more complex Cotes Du Rhone, that is bigger in every way. This coupled, with the fact that that it is a 2007, will produce a bigger, riper wine. A great example of the vintage is provided here by Guigal.

2007 Cote Rotie – Guigal $60 This wine is made in the Northern Rhone, and its from the area of Cote Rotie. Traditionally Cote Roties are made of Syrah, although, they can have up to 20% Viognier. With 2007, being a riper year, this is riper style of Cote Rotie. There is a great depth of flavor and a good amount of complexity. It has a mouth coating texture, with a nice black peppery finish.

2006 Hermitage- Guigal $75 Hermitage is considered the most elegant and voluptuous of the northern Rhone appellations. This wine is no exception, it has a large mouthfeel and is driven by a ton of minerality. It feels like a locomotive has driven into your mouth. It is not a bruiser though, it does still have a lot of fruit to soften the blow, but it is a wine that will not go unnoticed by your taste buds when you take your first sip. Get excited!

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Special Values Now Available

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