Trousseau Arbois Benoît Mulin (Arbois) ’10

To the east of Burgundy lies the Jura mountains which creates a detachment that allows certain traditional wine styles and grapes to grow and be successful here.  At the lower slopes of these mountains the vineyards rest on Jurassic limestone and marl, with a large amount of clay.  Arbois is a town in the north of the Jura, and is known as the wine capital of the Jura region.

Trousseau which is also known as Bastardo, is a red wine grape that originated in eastern France, however the largest plantings today are found in Portugal, where it is being used for port.

Benoît joined a partnership with the rockstar of biodynamics a man by the name of Stéphane Tissot in 2009.  Since this time they have built new facilities and are creating some amazing wines in the Jura.

This wine has bright cherry notes, with hints of tobacco, tea.  The palate is clean acids with a rustic feel.

Valpolicella Tommasi “Rafaèl, Classico Superiore” (Veneto) ’13

These wines are made from a blend of mainly Corvina and Rondinella with some winemakers adding in Molinara, which may not exceed a total of 15%.  The Valpolicella Classico region is at the western end of the appellation, near the shores of Lake Garda.  These wines tend to be more ambitious in scope.

Tommasi was founded in 1902, and has grown over the decades.  Now in the 4th generation the family owns more than 195 hectares of hillside vineyards.  The single vineyard of Rafaél is a hillside vineyard that is planted with all three grapes with the majority being Corvina.

This wine is intense in color and in flavor.  A nose of dried fruits, leather, and cherry, with a taste of spicy and sweet cherry notes.


The Loire river is the longest in France, and is the last wild river in Europe.  Along the river it has a number of distinct wine regions, and produces more white wine then any other region in France.  Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Melon de Bourgogne are the classic white grapes here.

Chenin Blanc to me is such a chameleon of a grape variety.  It has naturally high acids so it can be super bone dry like what you would find in a young Savennières or it can be sticky, and rich like you would find in a Vouvray sec, not to mention it is also in a lot of great sparkling wines.  The grape is also known as Pineau de la Loire, in Loire and Steen in South Africa.

The first region we are going to talk about is Savennières.  Savennières is located in the  Anjou-Saumur region of Loire.  This is the largest and most diverse region, and delivers every style of wine Loire has to offer.  The Saumur half is mostly sparkling wine production while the Anjou side is known for its Chenin Blanc.  The best Chenin Blanc comes from the Savennières appellation.  The grape is slow to ripen here and will develop great complexity with high acid and some honeyed richness with age.  This region has steep southern exposure and soil that consist of blue schist and volcanic debris.

The Jasnières appellation is located in Touraine region.  The Touraine region is the home to some of the best red wine coming out of the Loire valley, however it can produce very charming white wines from the Chenin Blanc grape.  Several outlying appellations exist in Touraine, and this is where Jasnières is located.  In a sub-appellation called Coteaux du Loir.  This is where the best Chenin Blanc from this region is grown.  The wines are much like the wines from the Vouvray appellation, but carry a bit of green notes, and herbaceous quality to them.

Château d’ Epiré (Savennières) 2014

This is one of the oldest and most celebrated domaines in this region.  The domaine has remained in the Bizard family since the 17th century.  This wine is super bright with great acidity, and notes of lime skin, and stone fruits.

Pascal Janvier (Jasnières) 2014

Pascal is a new winemaker on the scene, but he has quickly made a name for himself, and the smaller lesser known Jasnières appellation.  These wines are considered some of the best dry Chenin Blanc in the world, and are said to reach their peak ten years after the vintage.  This wine has intense aromas of Chamomile, honey, green apple, and loads of minerality.


Saturday Tasting: September 19th

September 18, 2015

Sauvignon Blanc Domaine Massiac (Pays d’ OC) ’14 This estate is located in the heart of the Minervois AOC, which is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon.  This domaine lies at the extreme south of the Massif Centrale, which leads to the Mediterranean coast.  The soils are limestone, clay, with silex and marble infused.  The soil has […]

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Saturday Tasting: September 12th

September 11, 2015

We have always had a lot love for Joseph Drouhin wines.  The family has such a deep appreciation for the natural elegance of Burgundy.  It also happens to be one of the largest Domaines in Burgundy.  The Domaine was started in 1880.  The Domaine went from generation to generation, with each family member putting its […]

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Saturday Tasting: September 5th

September 3, 2015

Mâcon-Fuissé Domaine Cheveau “Les Grandes Bruyeres” (Burgundy) ’13 The Domaine was started by André Cheveau in 1950, and has been carried on by his two sons.  The vineyard holdings are predominantly located in and around Solutré-Pouilly, but has been extended in to Maconnais and in Beaujolais.  The Chardonnay vineyards are composed of clay and limestone.  […]

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Saturday Tasting: August 29th

August 28, 2015

We always believed that the California wine industry should return to the heyday of pioneers like Joe Heitz, Andre Tchelistcheff, Chuck Carpy and others who made wine their way.  One could clearly taste the difference between their varietals and there was no overt effort to “create” a wine with a high score.  Here are two […]

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Saturday Tasting: August 15th

August 14, 2015

Over the last year we have really started to focus our attention on a few different importers, one of which is Rosenthal.  I know some of you have seen and or tasted these wines in the shop.  Well we wanted to do a formal introduction on Neal Rosenthal, and give you the opportunity to taste […]

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No sales tax weekend

August 4, 2015

In addition to no sales tax this weekend we are offering a 15% discount on the wines pictured above.  Don’t miss out on this great oppurtunity to purchase some really delicious wines at such huge savings. Sale starts Friday. Hope to see you this weekend!

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Saturday Tasting: August 1st

July 31, 2015

This week at the shop we will be showcasing Paul Pillot.  This is a rare and exciting opportunity to discover two amazing Premier Cru vineyards from St Aubin side by side.  We hope to see you Saturday. Paul Pillot-3rd generation winegrower, Paul’s family has been growing grapes, and making wine since around 1900.  Paul was […]

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Saturday Tasting: July 25th

July 24, 2015

Mâcon la Roche Vineuse, Château de la Greffiére, (Burgundy) 2013 This lovely wine balances richness with minerality.  Golden straw yellow in color, with aromas of hazelnuts, and ripe tropical fruits.  Complemented with a mouth-watering grapefruit flavor on the palate. Beaujolais Pierre-Marie Chermette, “D. Vissoux, Cuvée Traditionnelle, VV” 2014 Most of southern Beaujolais sits on limestone-clay […]

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